What to Wear to Music Festivals——If You Are Not a Supermodel

The spring is coming to and end and the summer has already glided in. What better occasion to wave a temporary goodbye to your winter coats and rearrange your wardrobe than a preparation for going to a music festival.

What to wear to those wonderful sunshine-filled festivals with your girlfriends, and for the more fortunate girls among us, with boyfriends?

Don’t! Don’t believe in the pictures you see on a model’s Instagram. You may see pictures like these:



But if you are not careful and follow their suit to squeeze yourself into those XXS American Apparel dresses such as these:




Then those San Fransisco-ish mini skirts and vests may make you look like this:


So what to wear?

Rule No.1

Choose loose and comfortable clothes. It’s a long day and you don’t want to wear shoes that are gonna kill you. Only wear things in which you don’t have to hold your breath. You don’t necessarily have to expose your waistline to look sexy. And you don’t necessarily look sexy with a jaw-dropping cleavage.

Rule No.2

Hide your limits. Look at yourself into the mirror and find the parts you are not satisfied with. Your body is not perfect. So embellishments are absolutely helpful. Floppy hats shed you from the sun and free you from the chore of thinking up a hairdo.  Edema above the waist? Bohemian shirts. Sturdy arms? Long sleeves and more accessories. Find ways to cover things you are self-conscious about.

Music festivals are time for fun. A big smile and a healthy body and good music will make you happy. You are not obliged to fashion like a supermodel. Be your self and your Levi’s jeans and goodwill vests are enough equipment.



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