I like Wayne Goss’s CONTOUR AND HIGHLIGHT LIKE KIM KARDASHIAN STEP BY STEP. I think the 6-minute or so video is a great example of how best to achieve beauty video result with minimal use of new media!

Nowadays when you hear the combination of new media, you visualize yourself being bombarded by a variety of links, sites, fancy interfaces that care more about self publicizing than getting useful information across. New media is good, but excessive use of them is not. I like it when the frame freezes and several arrows are hand painted to highlight the parts on the faces that the artist has in mind, but I don’t particularly enjoy trails of colorful short videos, photos, voiceovers, screenshots and etc. inserted to just make something appear more “new mediaish”.

But not Wayne Goss. To me the Wayne Gross video is insightful for its form as well as the content. The look he worked on, as its introduction on Youtube goes, is inspired by Kim Karshashian in Glamour magazine, as of intended to pay tribute to traditional print media. Of course any internet content without its tangible counterpart may seem a little unsubstantial. The internet is science; magazines are its application. The characteristic of the video that strikes me most is that the make artist’s voice-over is dubbed rather than recorded simultaneously recorded with the make process. This seems a trivial detail but is actually not.

This approach allows the model to make faces while the artist speaks matter-of-factly the importance of don’t think contouring is scary. You can see the model is talking while the artist is also talking. Though the model’s voice is muted and you keep wondering what she is talking about.

Oh. I am a bit carried away. Allowing models to make faces isn’t THE reason to explain why I like the video. But the effect is. What I mean is, by having a voiceover that is not entirely synchronized with the image, Wayne Goss gives his audience an unexpected feeling that they are being shown things rather than taught things. The viewers can afford to be carried away themselves for a while, appreciating the magic of foundations and the prettiness of the face making model while hearing the Goss’ lovely British accent.

Well maybe maybe it’s all because of the accent, not the clear frames the video offers, or the “No amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart” adage by Kevyn Aucoin one can find at the opening of the video, not even the little box that pops up occasionally at the lower right corner to better illustrate the same process from a different angel or for a different mode, or some out takes in the end of the video of the artist and the model gossiping that makes me like the video.

I don’t care if he is gay.


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