Ultra Thing Models Banned by the French Government

For young women who look to skinny models for an aesthetic ideal, they are now encouraged to assess their beauty using more criteria than their weight to height ratio, such as good nutrition, good teeth, good cardio-respiratory condition and good hair (Obvious, right?).

Recently the French parliament adopted laws and amendments that are against the hiring of too thin models for catwalks and in advertisements. For France, the world’s epicenter for fashion where most amazing designs and the skinny models who wear them have been traditionally churned out, to encourage healthy eating and fight anorexia, the policy change will have a major symbolic, yes you heard me, symbolic, significance for the fashion industry.

You can expect magazines be forced to tell their readership which parts of a model have been digitally altered, but that doesn’t change the fact that an altered photo of a thin woman with an jaw- dropping waist-to-hip ratio will appear more appealing in the eyes of most men and women than her natural ego. Nor does it open the prospective of Channel inviting Tess Holiday to walk its latest collection.

You supplant Keira Knightly with Tess Holiday and tell me how you make of Coco Mademoiselle.


977306c9f98b834764a3dea4183cbb9f tessholiday_1

No offense to Holiday. Personally I find the plump front and back of plus-size models charming almost to the extent of being mysterious. Reminds me of the famous statuette the Venus of Willendorf, a symbol of fecundity.


The problem is, fashion is seldom associated with reproduction or health. It’s about attitude, style, the abstract form of female beauty, and its worshipping of it. Street snaps are of chic girls in mini skirts and sleeveless shirts, or long, elaborately-cut coats with slimming effect. I don’t know what my clients and sponsors will think of me if all the photos of my fashion styling only records a process of my making (let’s admit it) fat people look better.

Laws should be used to courage healthy lifestyle, not to ban models from their work because they are not full enough in an arbitrary, legal sense.

http://www.foxnews.com/health/2015/04/03/france-bans-super-skinny-models-in-anorexia- clampdown/


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