Tom Ford

Tom Ford went West. His western style is a combination of hippie functionality, Hollywood stardom, and to me, women in Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns. I particularly love the three pieces reminiscent of the Italian director because they represent a species of women that seems to me doesn’t exist anymore. Their beauty is not aggressive as the wild west, and their attraction doesn’t depend on their resembling a cougar. At the same time, they don’t look too casual or too make-do. They are classical American beauty. Tom Ford has spent a lot of time in Los Angeles but only now has he visualized his dream of the American west. What took him so long may be the robust West itself.  So many films were shot for it, and so many songs were sung for it. How to patch anything Tom Ford with denim and vintage clothes already so developed and explored must be a very tricky question the designer had to answer. Eventually, the result is commendable. Tom Ford’s patchwork of dreams are bold in colors and collage. The American west is executed yet again in a logical but refreshing way.



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