Tam Nguyen and Han Tang

I love the works by Tam Nguyen and Han Tang. This collection of theirs reminds one almost of cosmos. Their experimentation with wool and silk has expanded the possibilities of surfaces. The inspirations behind their collection are textures of all kinds——broken glass, peeling paint, graffiti, molten rock, blown-up organism, and stars. I chose this sketch to represent Tam Nguyen and Han Tang’s collection because it’s easier to see the collection as an inseparable whole. The whole is made up of surfaces representing different materials, telling the viewer that there are many aspects of the Universe and that sometimes the appreciation of it can be best achieved through rendering them as the way they are. Looking at their collection, one doesn’t get the impression that the designs are too deliberate or too stretched. The patterns exist as naturally as the natural inspirations behind them. For example the left most piece is a summer forest reflected in the lake, while the second one starting from the left looks like some bird. The third one a tree, the fourth one dark night, the fifth one a piece of rock, and the right most one, to me, looks like a fish. And the coolest thing about this collection is that, they can be surfaces of anything the viewer wants to associate them with, but their beauty is not diminished or compromised because people may have different ideas of what they really are. I think it’s hugely important that the designers have conceptualized their ideas and inspirations in a very fashionable way. With that said, however, I think the pattens are maybe too natural to be extraordinary. They are comfortable to look at but it would be very difficult for them to evoke strong or very expressive emotions.



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