summer sui

fashion stylist

location: Northpoint

As long as personal style goes, Summer is very strong and assertive. Bold red lips and thick brows are her symbol. I took the picture just outside the Academy. The long denim coat and high-waisted trousers make her legs look elongated. The way she rolls her sleeves strengthen one’s impression of her being a very capable person. Capable but not stiff or inflexible. Mickey shirt and brown boots add a touch of childlike casualty to the total look. The outfit is an excellent choice for a day’s classes at the Academy or a picnic with friends on weekend.

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fashion designer

location:180 New Montgomery St

Dawei is a chic fashion designer. This look may not look street-stylish in the eyes of a hippie, but for a young, entrepreneurial business person, it’s very appropriate and very streety. Dior Homme shirt, Alexander Wang bag and  Dolce&Gabbana are accompanied by a pair of sneakers to smooth the sharpness and shrewdness of a businessman and make him look less daunting and more approachable. A new booming trend. Suits and Sneakers. Ankles that are bared make Dawei longer and more fit. Black and white match is clean. For a private party, a fashion gathering or a brunch, this is the most street style outfit for someone not intending to be overtly street style.



fashion designer

location: 180 New Montgomery St

Cheng’s personal style is always diverse. I took the picture just outside the Academy. There is a fusion of sports, rock&roll and metal in his look. Skulled t-shirt and the black collar give the viewer the impression that he/she is looking at a precise fashionable person. Attention to the last detail is a good quality that is not always present in many street styles. But Cheng has them all. Contained rock&roll, vantage accessaries and sunglasses are the kind of styles that one may find on the street of Tokyo. Black sneakers,  shorts and leggings add quality to this 1990s fusion. Highly stylized. For a concert or a nolstagic party.



  1. TIANYE DONG · May 3, 2015

    I really like this article because the people who chosed by blogger are all very fashion but not “too fashion”. The style of them is very strong identify for their job but it still can be wear on the street not only on the stage.


  2. Xing Mao · May 3, 2015

    Good taste! I love these three street style.Especially for the second looking. Black,grey,white,classic color.Never out of style.


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