High Style Sunday

The Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection

Last one hundred years have produced many prominent designers. Without their marks on the fashion world, collections would have been undoubtedly duller.  I went to see the show and was devastated, feeling that no matter what I design or how I stylish myself and others, I would just be following gingerly their steps.

Seeking the same altered sense of consciousness, please visit:

100 34th Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94121

Rosekrans Court, Special Exhibition Galleries 20B-F

Fashion in the 20th century features influences of historical fashions. So let’s have a look!

-Madame Grès’s drape garments draw inspirations from the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Madame Grès3Madame Grès2Madame Grès


-Gilbert Adrian grappled with robe à la française or the sack-back gown, a women’s fashion of the 18th century. Don’t know if Gilbert Adrian also used the basket-like understructure to give that wide-hipped effect or he found some other ways of creating a mind-blowing waist-to-hip ratio.

63.18.4a-b_front 0002460px-Eleanor_Frances_Dixie_by_Henry_Pickering66.169.1a-b_front_CP4

-Pietro Yantorny’s footwear was greatly inspired by French monarchs and dwarves whatever our feet are now wrapped with. 0002pietro2



The list goes on: Charles James was captivated by the shapes and structures of the 19th century Victoria Era dress. Vera Maxwell caught the spirit of the time and designed versatile dresses that adapt to different occasions, drawing inspirations from women athletic ensemble of the early 20th century. Charles Frederick Worth gave new life to medieval garment. The continum in the fashion world was preserved and pushed to a new high by the 20th designers who paid their tribute to European fashion heritage in a most deft and innovative way.





One comment

  1. xiaoxuan zhang · May 3, 2015

    I like this post! We can see these beautiful pieces online instead of go to the museum. I love the shoes! They are amazing!


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